PMHN RN Certification test

  1. I passed.

    That was not an easy test. It was like boards, but only psych. Theorists (from Erikson to Orem), meds, side effects, toxicity, therapy application, family dynamics, nursing ethics, holy guacamole!

    The book from the ANA did have most of the information, though.. I just had to think through the questions.
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    I remember the're right, it was challenging. I wanted to throw up the entire day, even after learning I passed. Because of that, I vowed that I would do whatever it takes to get those 150 CEUs for renewal so I'll never have to take that test again
  4. by   CrazyPremed
    I just passed, too! You're right, it is a tough test. I've met a lot of psych nurses who started with a degree in Psychology before nursing. I recommend they all take it. It seems like it is more of a psychology test than a nursing test. Anyway, congrats!

  5. by   radab1
    Where can I get information on taking this test? Any study guides available?

  6. by   radab1
    Where can I get study guides.