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New Grad Psych Career Path?

  1. 0 Hello all,
    I am graduating soon from a ADN program and I have an interview on a Psychiatric floor. What I wanted to know is where do motivated nurses go from there with education and certifications? I plan on staying in school for the foreseeable future and want to keep advancing when I am ready for new challenges. Is there a APN role in psych, or other career paths that some of you have taken and enjoyed?

    I have a good GPA, a good repore with patients and I am a large frame male, 260lbs.

    Thank you
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    You can get your BSN. You can become certified as a generalist in psychiatric nursing. You can get a MSN in psych nursing and become a Clinical Nurse Specialist or a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner--both APN roles. I'm a psych CNS.
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