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I'm currently in an ADN-RN program and very interested in Mental Health/Psychiatric Nursing. I would appreciate any feedback from someone in this field. Do you find it satisfying and rewarding? What might be some pros and cons?... Read More

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    Quote from LilPita
    The con is the part of having to be a sin eater...
    Be a sin spitter instead. Hear the patient out but then spit the bad out when you leave work. If you do too much sineating, you will most likely topple over the edge. It's a fine line between being empathetic and sympathetic.
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    Hi, everyone! Like TerryNeal, I'm also a new grad and have just gotten a psych nurse job. My orientation starts next week (Nov. 5), and I'm both excited and apprehensive. Mental health is something that I've wanted to get into since nursing school, so it came a sort of blessing that this is the area that I get to start out in!

    In line with what others have mentioned, my thinking was that if psych is an area that you want to get into, then starting out in this area right away will help you become the best psych nurse possible better than transferring from another area.

    I'm glad to hear that there are HR reps out there who like to see psych on a resume! It's my hope to learn as much as possible on this first job, and then transfer to another area of psych nursing (outpatient, research, getting involved in a more specialized program, etc.).

    Thank you to everyone for your pros and cons! It was very helpful, as I had the same question.

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