Interview for Graduate Mental Health Registered Position

  1. Hi Everybody

    I completed my telephone interview just now for one of the state run mental hospital in Australia and would like to share the interview questions because I thought some of you may be in the same boat in the near future and would be helpful.

    1) Nursing diagnosis, plan , intevene and evaluate care in a mental health care setting.

    2) Questions related team work skills in a multidisciplinary team and strategies .

    3)Theoritical and practical knowledge: How do you ensure of best practice and of best quality

    4) Motives, Interests and attractions to be Mental Health Nurse and personal qualities that would benefit to succeed in this career.

    I believe questions were not that tough however it is my first telephone interview and was a bit nervous. Finger crossed for the result..

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  3. by   katyb213
    Good luck to you!
  4. by   everyday6/12
    Hi, I too have a psyche Nurse interview (1ST) and am looking for some pointers. I really want this. I have been a substitute Teacher and have just about walked into every imaginable scenario working in Public Schools with families and Administrators. I feel like the last 15 years of my work experience has prepared me for this type of Nursing position. It just feels natural......Any pointers people??? Thanks............