1. Hello, Psych Nurses!

    I have a dilemma (a good one!).

    I have been offered a job at a huge psych facility, which I am very excited about... But I can decide between the options they've given me. Your input would be appreciated---very much so!!

    Ok, so here are the options:

    1. working a successful program with the substance abuse patients.
    2. floating throughout the entire facility to all the departments & getting exposed to a variety of patient situations. (great learning opportunity??)

    They both sound so appealing, so I'm confused as to which direction I should go. Can you offer me your genuine insight?

    Much love and thanks,

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  3. by   aura_of_laura
    I'd go for the second one. That sounds like a great opportunity to learn!

    Are you a new nurse? Will you mind not forming a strong bond with your unit and coworkers?
  4. by   HeLLooNur5e
    Thanks for your response! I really appreciate it. Yes, I'm a new nurse. I ended up choosing the 2nd choice for the learning opportunities. I know it's not going to be easy, but I'll definitely get to see a variety of things and meet a lot of the staff around the whole hospital. I am excited!