English psychiatric nurse looking for advice on Australia relocation.

  1. Hi, my partner and I (both qualified psychiatric nurses) are looking to relocate to Australia on a skilled migration visa. We are seeking advice on the differences between public and private healthcare systems and the advantages and disadvantages of them both. We would also be grateful for any advice as to the benefits of working in each area. Also any advice on the best way to apply for jobs in this area. Many thanks in advance for any advice received.
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  3. by   Marilynj28
    Hey bobcat,
    sorry i dont have any advice for you about australia (im in canada), but i DO have a question or two for you! LOL i was wondering why you and your partner want to leave the UK? Is it true nurses have had major cutbacks and its hard to find a job? i was just wondering if its the same for psych nurses? I one day would love to live in the UK. Thanks in advance,
    and once again, sorry i didnt have anything to offer you in the way of your ACTUAL question. lol