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  1. 0 Just asking for a few positive vibes this morning. I am headed out to take my certification exam, and starting to get a little anxious. I have been reviewing, and walking around with this study book for over a year now, and finally today is the day! (too many life crisis to be able to schedule this test sooner)

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    Since you posted that yesterday, I hope you have good news to share

    I hated that exam--I was sick the entire day, even after being told I passed. I will do whatever it takes to make sure I never have to take it again!
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    I remember taking it and had the same feelings you had. I passed! I bet you will too! AND, then all the anxiety over it will be gone!!
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    Thanks guys! I did it, I passed. Never want to take that again!! They are changing it in April, so I needed to pass! Thanks for the good vibes!
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    Congratulations, I had the same feeling 13 years ago . I still remember it. It was well worth it . I do my recert every 5 years and vow to never take that test again.
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