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care for a bad trip???

  1. 0 i'm studying substance abuse and apparently people can get whats called a bad trip from hallogen abuse... the user may experience panic, confusion, suspiciousness, anxiety, feelings of helplessness, and loss of control. Sometimes taking a hallucinogen such as LSD can unmask mental or emotional problems that were previously unknown to the user. Flashbacks, in which the person experiences a drug's effects without having to take the drug again, can occur.

    I was wondering what the nursing care would be for a client experiencing a bad trip? My books dont have any care management on this problem. I hope someone can help me. thanks
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    Care for a bad trip?

    No, thank you.


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    As the syndrome is chemically induced, I would think that treatment would also be chemical in the first instance, managing symptomatically.
    Or TLC.
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    Chlorpromazine is quite effective.