Anyone here has done psych homecare?

  1. Hi! I tried posting this in the home health forum but didn't get any response so i'll try posting it here. Anyone here have experience with psych homecare? Do you only handle the mental issues with the patient or do you render other tx/procedure that the patient needs, for example wound care, drawing bloodworks, etc. How do you feel about the safety of going to the psych patient's residence on your own? Thanks for whatever you can share!
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  3. by   MrChicagoRN
    I did it for years.

    We had those with primary psychiatric Dx, and often secondary medical dx. We did whatever was needed, but if more time was spent on the medical than on the behavioral, a medical nurse would be the primary.

    We would also see, or share, those admitted for medical reasons, but exhibiting some signs of mental illness.

    Most of our caseload was older adults, but even the younger ones were non-violent. The incidence of violence from the mentally ill population is no higher than that of the general population.