Any psych options for LPNs?

  1. I currently work in LTC on a memory care only unit that I love! I loooove my alzheimers residents, but I also have a strange addiction to shows such as Intervention and other drug related addiction shows on Nat Geo, and anything in which the person has some sort of schizo/psychiatric disorder. I 100% plan on going back to become an RN, but in the meantime, are there any non-LTC options for LPNs? Would I be able to work in a substance abuse rehab or psych group home or anything similar? It's what I'm drawn to and would love to peruse in the future! Any advice regarding this field would be appreciated too. Thanks! PS- I'm looking in Michigan.
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  3. by   Umberlee
    We have loads of LPNs at the facility where I work--in an acute psychiatric stabilization hospital. In fact, it's one of the few non LTC workplaces in this area for LPNs. Maybe you can find something in your area. Good luck!