Any advice on improving MHT patient interactions?

  1. Hi all, I'm a recent new grad and am running into a few issues. As background, I have worked in mental health for over 5 years as a MHT. The facility I am currently at I have worked as a MHT for 3 years and just recently moved into the RN role in May. As a RN I am becoming more aware of the holes in our system and how it is effecting patient care. Myself and the other nurses feel that their is improper and insignificant training for our techs. The techs we have working are not MHTs but rather CNAs that have floated to our unit. Some are not even CNAs. We have brought this up to management and they have agreed but are doing nothing about it. I brought up that if the nurses were given the time and resources that we would be willing to help with the training and they agreed. I need to create some sort of a learning module to bring to management so that we can get the OK and move forward. I would much rather management handle this as we have enough things to worry about, but in the end it will make our environment safer, patient care better, and our jobs much less stressful.

    Any suggestions on sites or things you have seen to work? Any and all input is appreciated.
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