Ancora Psychiatric Hospital

  1. Anybody work there? I kept hearing it is a dangerous place to work at. Is that because it is a state facility and they treat inmates there too?

    I have an interview with them soon. After seachiing on the internet. Seems all the news pop up for the place are bad. I'm so worried about the safety of working there now. I don't want to risk my physical safety for a job.

    Anybody has any information about RN working safety at that hospial, please share. You can also PM me. Thanks
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  3. by   MERRYWIDOW46
    you mean the one in NJ correct??????????????
    Is that place even still open??????? I thought it was closing before I moved from NJ in 1984, guess the State is just slow.
    I don't do psych nursing, but remember a field trip from middle school (graduated HS in 1973/U do the math) and it was a dismal, scarey place. All the bad press is true as I recall when living in NJ.
    Good Luck. I'm a strong Critical Care/ER nurse, worked in the "HOOD" in several cities, but don't think I'd willingly go to Ancora!
  4. by   mag_new
    Yes, the one in NJ is till open.

    From outside it looks scary, looks like a prison. Haven't been inside, I heard that nurses work under bullet-proof places, and kept hearing it is a dangerous place to work at...