Which agencies give "un-timed" pre- employment tests? Which agencies give "un-timed" pre- employment tests? | allnurses

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Which agencies give "un-timed" pre- employment tests?

  1. 0 Please tell me which home health care agencies give "un-timed pre-employment online tests? I know my material, but would'nt mind a little extra time go over my answers. Thank you for your help.
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    Don't think I've ever been timed on a test with an agency that I'm aware of. Your boards were timed. If you can pass that, the agency tests will be a breeze. Most aren't real serious about the tests anyway....they usually just go over the ones you missed and document that you verbalized understanding of the material. I guess if you failed horribly they may do something. I've always passed only missing one or 2 usually due to an odd policy or something agency specific. Some will even give study material. Its really no big deal at all. Also, if you go over a test after you've taken it you will second guess yourself and usually the first instinct is the right answer.