are YOU scared of a&p???!!!

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    I definatly was, this fall im retaking a&p1, because I got a D last semester in it. BUT I just found the best site for practicing...ever..! I was just going though this site and it goes over everything. and there are quizzes, bone labeling, idetifying cells. like its amazing. I hope it helps you guys as much as I already its helped me.

    --dont stress, you can do it!!!

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    Thank you! I'm taking A&P I in the fall and it definitely intimidates me. I'm excited but scared and nervous at the same time. LOL
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    I just finished A&P 1 and it's definitely not an easy class. As long as you put the work in and study, it's not too bad. I'm signed up for A&P 2 in the summer and honestly I'm a little nervous about taking 4 months worth of work in 10 weeks.....but it is what it is. The people in my classes that did the best were focused....keep your eye on the prize and it's not a thing.
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    great site thanks for posting

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