Working as student nurse in ADN program

  1. I have narrowed my choices down to two programs. It becomes very expensive paying for classes to meet requirements for all of these different programs. So, I have plan A (ADN program) which I have already met the requirements for then plan B (LPN-bridge-RN) just in case I don't get accepted. I am still weighing my options. I would be able to work as LPN while in RN program. But has anyone worked as a student nurse or nurse tech while in an ADN program? If so, after how long? I am a certified CNA, will that help me get a student nurse job? I am trying to plan my finances for the next few years. Do student nurses do different work from CNAs?

    Oh, and I have yet to work as a CNA because I am still working my day job and I am not sure I want to quit my full time to do CNA work. I also don't want to take a pay cut and quit my job until I know that I am accepted.
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