Which schools accept 4-unit Micro?

  1. 0 Hi there allnurses!

    I was wondering if anyone knew schools that accept 4 unit micro instead of the 5 unit course? I've taken the 4 unit class and am signed up to take the 5 unit class this fall if I can't find any other schools that accept the lesser unit course.

    Thanks to any and all who can help!
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    In California: Chico, East Bay, Fresno, Sac, SF, Dominican University, Samuel Merritt, USF...there's more, but here are some of the core schools.
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    San Diego State University as well.
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    Quote from Water83
    San Diego State University as well.
    No, San Diego requires the 5 unit microbiology class that must be completeted with a B- or better...
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    Quote from lightsnoise
    No, San Diego requires the 5 unit microbiology class that must be completeted with a B- or better...
    Really? I got my sources straight from their website: http://nursing.sdsu.edu/miscfiles/bs...ia-July09b.pdf

    I'm actually in the program at SDSU, so ... unless they changed the rules between 7/1/09 till now without updating their website?
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    wow...a 5 unit Micro?
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    Is it just because it needs to have a lab with it? Whats the reason for units? Its subjective I think. I am taking a 4 unit Micro. 3 for the class and 1 for the lab. Of course the program in Arizona I am in only requires Micro be a lab science.
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    SDSU requires a 5 unit micro class-at least to my knowledge..... I am pretty sure its a 4 unit class with a lab which equals 5 units.

    check assist.org - it actually might depend on the school you are taking it at. at my school the 5 unit micro will only transfer.
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    I got my information from assist.org...and dude a lot of sites don't update their information...
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    To the the original poster, I would definitely call the school of nursing and check. Seriously, the best people that can answer your question is the source itself.

    A lot of info from assist.org isn't updated as well and in fact, one of the people at the the prospective student center told me to use TAP instead of assist.org when checking for transferring classes.
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    Thanks everyone for your responses! I noticed that most schools are accepting the 4 unit Micro here in CA, but unfortunately with the $584 million budget cut, the schools I wanted to apply to which accepted the 4 unit Micro won't be accepting applications for spring! Harsh.

    And I agree 100% that the schools need to update their information on websites like assist.org more frequently. Why even have those information websites if they aren't giving us updated information?!

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