Which class to take over the summer

  1. 0 So I wanted an opinion on what class I should take with nutrition over the summer. I can pick between a&p 2 or microbiology. I want to take the class that would be easier to handle in such a short amount of time, like which class did you find easier
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    Both of them are a lot of info to retain over a short period of time but if you can handle I would say A&p 2
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    I found microbiology easier than a & p 2. I don't know how long your summer sessions are but that's a lot to take together in one shortened semester.
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    I also found micro a little easier. I took that over the summer. A&P II has a lot of info...
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    I took Micro during our winter break (5 wks). I found Micro easier than A&P. Could have been the teacher..could have been the info..or both. If I was given a choice I'd do Micro in a shorter session and the A&P in the more extended session.

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