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What to ask in a nursing school interview

  1. 0 Hi all!
    I have my nursing program interview in a week and I have a list of potential questions they will ask me, but I'm not sure what questions to ask them..
    I'm already very familiar with the school and I know what the NCLEX pass rates/graduation rates are as well as where the clinicals will be held.

    Any ideas on what to ask the interviewers so they know I'm really interested?
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    When I interviewed, my questions were mostly financial. I also knew a lot of the school and program so didn't really have any questions in that area. Good luck!
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    NCLEX pass rates? Drop rates? Expectations for students? What type of support do they offer a struggling student? Estimated amount of hours the average student puts in to the program? Etc.....
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    Thanks! That gives me something to go on!
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    Maybe if there's any particular hospital or specialty a large amount of students go to work after graduation?