What classes did you pair with A&P I (Anatomy)?

  1. 0 I'm seeking the advice of those who've done it before me. What courses and how many did you take with A&P I. I don't work and wanted to really get a chunk of credits out of the way, what do you suggest? I know I have to take a pre-calc class in spring as well as a&p (which should be okay, I'm pretty comfortable math and scored the top rated professor!)

    Do you think I could add another science? or maybe 2 other humanities classes like speech and health? I know a&p is mostly memorization so I already started memorizing the musculo-skelatal system, so I've got all major bones and muscles memorized already.

    What was your a&p I semester like, did you have a great teacher? What grade were you able to get? I want to know!
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    I took Human Development, Freshman Comp 1 and U.S 1876 to Pres with Anatomy 1 and it wasn't that bad.
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    I took it with chemistry, sociology, and nutrition.
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    My school doesn't block A&P so it's A first then P I'm doing Anatomy with Chemistry and Child Development.
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    With A&P I I took, college algebra and Ethics. (ethics was online).
    Got a B+ in A&P, B+ in the math class and an A in ethics.

    Word of caution, A&P isn't just memorization, its also needing to know the how and why (patho part). Just as an example, for musuclo-skeletal we needed to know all the bones (not just the major ones) as well as the processes on those bones, tendon, joints & muscles associated with those bones, the movements the bones could make, they type of bone (flat, irregular, long etc). In cellular level of the bones were also something we needed to know. There is a lot of stuff to know, remember AND understand with the body systems. The info from one chapter/body system builds on others so you need to continue to reinforce the 'old' info to be able to comprehend the new info.

    I personally wouldn't pair A&P with another science. 2 lectures with 2 science labs..to me NOT fun. I'd go with a non-science class. Or at least a science with no lab associated with it.

    I loved my professor. She was brilliant and made learning the info so easy.
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    I took it with A&P I Lab and Chemistry over the summer.
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    I took it with English 1, Psychology, a PE class, and a beginner piano class . It was very doable and I got an A in all of them. For me A&P 2 was more difficult, but also more interesting than A&P 1.
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    I took A&P I with A&P I Lab and English 1102. I had amazing teachers for all three and worked my butt off. I studied constantly, spent every minute I could in Open Lab, and pulled A's for all three classes.
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    I'm taking A&P I with ethics(online) lifespan(online) and I'm registered also for statistics for the health sciences but idk if I want to keep it. It makes me nervous lol
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    I took it with A&P1 Lab, Clinical Nutrition, Speech, and an Art History class. Made all As, so it wasn't a bad pairing at all. I would suggest getting those humanities classes out of the way, so you don't have to take any when you take the more difficult pre-reqs, like Micro and A&P2.
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    I took it with English Comp and Math. It's ALOT of study time. I probably spent a good 30 hours a week studying. I have 5 kids so it's not a fair comparison for me to give but on my schedule with all the papers I had to write for English, I couldn't have done any more. I haven't gotten my final grade but as of Monday when I took my finals I had A's in all.
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    I took A&P I with Speech, Government II and Statistics. I don't work either and I felt that it was a pretty reasonable course load. I ended up with 3 A's and a B (in stats - yuck!).
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    I'm taking it this spring along with Stats, Human Growth & Development, World History, and possibly retaking Psych 1101, as its a fairly easy class. I don't work at all though, if you work or have kids, 5 classes including A&P might be too much.
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