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    I'm trying to get into the nursing program at my school and am told that I need to have at least 100 volunteer hours or working experience that is related to nursing. I was also specifically told that for these hours to count I must be shadowing a nurse during them. How do I go about doing this? I am currently volunteering at a local hospital but they've only asked me to do little things here and there and have no use for me really. I'm not sure that I'm even allowed to follow them around and observe. Will any local hospitals even allow this? If not where should I go? I live in Southern California in the LA area.
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  3. by   dbonilla1170
    I am in a similar predicament and I have found that being open and honest works best in the hospital. It is surprising how helpful (although busy) the nurses are. If you can talk to your volunteer coordinator and express the situation you are in then maybe they will be able to give you some helpful pointers on how to connect with nurses. If you are allowed to visit different areas of the hospital it might be beneficial to find a nurses station and ask if you may shadow as you are a prospective nursing student and assist with anything. Hope this helps!