UVa- CNL Program- Who's been accepted? Are you accepting the offer?

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    I'm just wondering who has been accepted to UVa CNL program for May 2011, and who has accepted the offer for admission.. I've been accepted, and I know we only have a week or so until we have to accept/reject the offer. I loved the school when I went down the visit, and I loved the Charlottesville area. The program seems really amazing.. I'd definitely go for my NP after the CNL, but does anyone know who long that would take?? The reason why I ask is because I know we have only a week or so to accept or reject the acceptance, and there are so many other schools that I'm still waiting to hear from! Is anyone else in a similar situation? What is everyone else doing?!

    Also, how do we go about finding roommates/apartments, etc.?! I don't know anyone else who has applied to the program, but I would love to live with a couple people around my age (22) who have also potentially going to be starting the program.. If anyone has any advice on my questions, I'd really appreciate it :-) I hope to hear from some of you who have been accepted for this coming May. :-)

    Thanks! :-)
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