UTA Academic Partnership Fall 2010 applications

  1. I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to hear any information about the AP BSN acceptance letters at UTA that are supposed to be going out mid July. Has anyone received their letter or been able to get a hold of an advisor to know when the letters are supposed to go out? I have called but have yet to receive a call back. I guess until then I will keep anxiously checking the mail box!
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  3. by   Shucara SmartOne
    Nothing yet! I've heard end of July, early August! I am going CRAZY trying to figure out whether I'm getting in or not! Good luck to you! There's so many things I need to figure out that depends on my acceptance!
  4. by   tmaroney
    FYI I finally received an email from the advisor. Sounds like letters won't be going out until mid to late August! She told me not to expect it before the 15th and definitely could be after! I know how you feel about not being able to plan the rest of your life b/c of this! It is ridiculous!