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Hi guys! I applied for the fall 2017 nursing program for USFCA in Sacramento! wanted to create a space for discussion. I applied last year in fall 2016 and received a rejection. My stats meet... Read More

  1. by   1daynursekimberlee
    Oh sorry, you're right I used the wrong wording Yes, my official nursing prerequisites are done, but those classes are still needed for graduation! I went to the "open house" and they were saying how they don't like to see a lot of those listed classes (english lit, ethics, philosophy, stats...) outstanding and would rather you come in with only one or two needed. I figured I might as well give it a go however. I hope we find out soon, with this semester ending I am gearing up to take the dreaded TEAS, but would love to not! Good luck finishing your semester! That is a nice load of classes!
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    Do you know anymore about the program? I had a girlfriend tell me about it so last minute I just applied, so I literally know nothing about the program that isn't on the website. How was the open house?
  3. by   1daynursekimberlee
    Well thankfully not much changes in A&P! I am kind of in your boat, my recommendation letter professor ended up getting very sick and was in the hospital and never got a chance to submit my letter. I thought it was taken care of months ago, back in early October! So I received a notification Monday before Thanksgiving, which turn made me talk to my original professor who apologized and said she would still try to get on in (turned out two days before it was due she was still too ill, not her fault but very stressful on my end!) so long story short I had to ask many professors (who were on thanksgiving break) to write a letter with a 24 hours turn around. I ended up also getting a co-worker to write one also. I am so sure that the letter is no nearly as good as I could have submitted, but I had literally 24 hours!!! But hey, nurses are supposed to work well under stress... so that was just great quick thinking on our rush to get essays in! They told me they are going to TRY to let us know before Christmas via snail mail. But she emphasize TRY... in the meantime, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! haha
  4. by   1daynursekimberlee
    There wasn't too much at the open house. I asked a million questions because like you, I knew nothing about this program and had just heard about a couple days before the open house. I asked where the clinicals are (martinez, for the first round and then mather, Shriners, and I think Mercy), what the average gpa acceptance (they said it is a range from 3.0-4.0), the class size (I think 40?), cost (I think it was 1200 per unit), % that passes the NCLEX (It was high, but not 100), ummm I think that was it. Ha, I was the annoying person who had my hand up all the time.
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    Martinez? As in the Bay Area? I wasn't expecting that!! I would also be one of those annoying people if I had known about it. I don't know why it's seemslike such an unknown program. You would think they would want as many people to apply as possible. I thought only 20 people made it in. I wonder why they send it snail mail instead of email.
  6. by   1daynursekimberlee
    Yes, the bay area. But that is the furthest one from the campus downtown. I hope is stays semi-unknown. This lottery game is no fun at all! And you may be right about only 20 seats, I have been to sooo many of these types of things that I get them mixed up!
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    I totally agree about the lottery. Most people I talk to aren't even aware of it or have never heard of it. So secretly I think that's good news, but then I am not sure. I just like answers, not indecision!
  8. by   911dispatch
    Thank you for this wonderful post! I am planning on applying in Spring 2019, still need to complete allll my science prereqs. Just curious if anywhere they mentioned if you could have a science prereq in progress and still be able to apply for the following semester or if you need to be completely finished? Good luck to you all
  9. by   Beatifull5
    There is a 2018 thread that has some great information from someone who knows someone in the program already I suggest you guys check it out.
  10. by   MaryHG
    I just called today and they or me know that this week was decision week and we should have admission letters by next week! Fingers crossed everyone!
  11. by   Pis-mom
    Hallo, just found your thread. I also applied to the spring 2018 sacramento nursing class. I called and was told the letters were sent last week? I was asked to call the first week of January ifi did not recieve anything. I am wondering if anyone has recieved a letter? Be it rejection or acceptance. The suspense is a killer.
  12. by   NACB
    I'm considering this school, so I would love to hear from those who made it in how the process was or how you are liking it so far