UNE Organic Chemistry! Help!

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    I am currently enrolled in University of New England's Organic Chemistry class. As I have seen with others who have posted, I am averaging C's on the quizzes and beginning to get worried. I am reading the material and feel I have a good understanding and then here comes the quiz with questions that are nothing like the assigned problems! Has anyone taken this course and available to give insight on the Final Exam? I am really trying and need some help!

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    Just wondering how you ended up doing in the class and if you can offer any advice. I am signing up for this class next week. Thanks!
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    Hi everyone! I'm currently in UNE's organic chem 1, and plan on taking the final within the next few weeks. How did you end up doing and did you pass the class? I had a friend I met through the class who just took the final, and failed it. The "curve" is only five points so she failed the class. I'm worried because I'm completely lost when it comes to the quiz questions. Advice on how to pass?

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