Totally confused and somewhat frustrated...need advice!!

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    I went back to College in 2008, ten years after I graduated from HS. As many people Iíve had my struggles but my goals in life keep me going and motivated. I have always taken 1-2 classes per semester as my busy life would only allow me. Iam at a point where I am feeling so stressed because it feels like I will never finish school I realized my guidance counselor was not very smart and did not guide me to the best choices. I repeated a math class in hopes that Iíd get a better understanding (had gotten a C which I thought would be an F) I did not know that if I repeated this class which had already given me a passing grade that my student loans would be taken back. Long story short I am $2000 in the hole that prevented me from not going this semester, I have to pay that back before summer so that I can attend otherwise my student loans will start the payment process. I need to finish my Biology classes (w/labs), one Chemistry and one more and my last Math class. Which counts for 3 more semesters.

    Please advise me, I am not and will not give up on my dream of becoming a Nurse, but I feel my advisor is not very helpful. Should Istay at the SLCC or take my Associates in Hhealth Science and go look somewhere else? I have gotten very good grades in all my classes, since there is not awaiting list is it still a huge advantage at the SLCC or from experience would you recommend me going somewhere else? Uo f U or Weber State? I am opened forany feedback
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