Is it too late for a backup plan in another school?

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    I took a test for a school and I wont hear back from them until July. I dont have a backup plan if I dont get in. (Not like me at all)

    Anyone know of any other NY schools I can get in this late in the year?
    I thought about online schools but I truly want hands on plus I dont think too many people have that full respect for them when hiring.

    I need some advice bc twiddling my thumbs is just not working for me anymore

    Please comment either way!
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    Some schools have Fall classes and Winter classes for their program. Maybe it's not too late for the January start up classes in your area. I researched all the schools in my area to see how they do their nursing programs. Most are over an hour away. My first choice is still a 30 minute drive, but luckily I got in there.
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    Your best bet is to look for programs that have a spring start date. Spring programs usually require their applications to be turned in by September or October. So you would still have time. It's probably to late for anything else this fall. Most institutions in my area require applications turned in by February got the fall semester.
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    Specifically in NY? I know NYU has a spring-start program.
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    Ohh fyi my GPA was ruined when I was young n dumb.
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    Quote from Imsofocused
    Ohh fyi my GPA was ruined when I was young n dumb.
    I ruined my GPA right out of high school as well. I had a 1.93. I retook everything with a C and below and I just applied to the nursing program with a 3.47.
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    I know this is a little old but I am going through a similar situation. I have applied to a program that is BSN part-time and starts January 2014. I won't find out if I was accepted until September. I want to apply to other schools, however, I am worried that if I get accepted to those school, that I won't be able to go due to finances. The part time program would allow me to work full-time while going to school. All the other programs are full-time programs and I would only be able to work part-time. I have a two year old and I really need the benefits especially healthcare. Wondering what I should do...
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    Florida had this thing a couple of years ago that if you were an LPN you could get into an RN program. Those that did not have a background in nursing had to have the high gpa's. Also, you get the added benefit, of it only taking a year. Not too bad.