Time is ticking I want to get into a nursing school but low gpa and too many retakes

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    I am finally writing a thread on here and hope that I can take any advice that can be given! I dont really know what to write on here but I'll just put out the basic problem as of now.

    Im 22, live in Washington and though I started college at an early age (I did a program called Running Start) I didnt do so well with school in the past and have had MANY retakes, my gpa now is a 3.2. Since nursing programs are now getting REALLY competitive, I am very limited as to where I can apply. I've been done with my pre-reqs for about 3 quarters now and applicatoin deadlines are coming up. I am taking the TEAS exam again this Friday (I scored a 75 the first time I took it) and my goal is to get over a 85. I need this in hopes as to getting into the Bellevue CC program. Does anyone know any other nursing schools that are not so tough as to class retakes and gpa? I dont mind going out of state. ANYTHING will help. I want to get my life together. Become a travel nurse and help kids!

    Also any tips as to how to kick ass on the TEAS would help. I do well on the online practice exams but when it comes to taking the real test, I have anxiety!
    Also, I noticed the first time I took the test, some random science questions seemed to be thrown out...it was nothing like in the manual or practice exams.

    Thank you for your time!

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    Maybe if you apply to a private college it's easier for you to get in! Some you don't have to take a teas most goes by ur gpa! Are what state are u located? Also as for teas get the practice tests & the ATI book it's helps that's what I'm doing now I plan on taking the test march 1st so the earlier the better hope this helps
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    Perhaps you could go to a community college and get your RN and then finish BSN elsewhere.
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    Quote from Wokini1
    Perhaps you could go to a community college and get your RN and then finish BSN elsewhere.
    The op is already applying to community college.
    Are you ready to buckle down and commit to a rigorous nursing program? Most nursing schools will only allow you to repeat one class and then you are out. If you truly are ready for this, it might not be a bad idea to write a letter to the admissions committee explaining that you have learned from your past and are ready for this
    Good luck
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    I feel your frustration. im also 22 and im currently waiting on admissions decisions from nursing programs. Its like, they have a nursing shortage (and they're projecting that by 2020 we'll still be short 1.2 million nurses.), but its hard as hell to get in anywhere. Anyhoo, you should look into Chamberlain college of nursing. They're private and they require at least a 2.75 to get in, you have like a 90% chance of getting in if you have at least a 3.0. The only thing is, they're really expensive. But I calculated that i'll pay around 40,000 for 2 years to get my bsn, which is not bad. Thats because I have all of my prerequisites done, like you. they have a lot of loan options as well. I looked on their allnurses thread and a lot people love their program. They also posted their stats and a lot of them got in with 3.1, 3.2, etc. And they're accredited. Hope this helps!
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    Washington is tough even for CC programs (my ex hubby lives there and I thought about moving but heck no!) because you have 2 of the top programs located there. So the CC's see a lot of great GPA/test score overflow. That's what I was told anyhow. That aside why not an LVN/LPN program and then just bridge it! In your situation it may be the quickest option. It's not a waste because when you hit your bridge you are ahead of the game with pre req's and you could at least get started right?
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    You're 22. Don't be in a rush to do this. That doesn't mean not to care but why is the clock ticking?
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    There are highly reputable, public schools that do not care how many times any class is repeated or how many classes are repeated (even indirectly in the gpa). I'm not prepared to name any but would encourage you to sort through the websites for them. You can get lists of all the nursing programs in a state from each state's Board of Nursing website or netsearching a state name and "accredited nursing schools" or some such term.
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    That's a tough one OP. I would suggest applying anyway and just kick ASS on the TEAS your GPA doesn't count you out. I recently ordered the TEAS practice test from Mcgraw Hill and looking through it makes me feel a lot better. I didn't graduate from high school and took my GED instead (which I just found out I scored top 5% in the country for overall score!!) and I feel the TEAS is comparable to the GED.

    Definitely order the TEAS V ATI review book and study yourself. I can compare how you want to study to how future medical students study for the MCAT. Take a month or two and focus on nothing BUT the TEAS test. By working through the practice book and taking practice tests I'm sure you'll be able to get a good score on the TEAS and bridge the gap of GPA. Make sure to write in your essay to school WHY your gpa may be a little low, by being transparent and addressing your past struggles and having a plan on how to excel in nursing school I'm sure the board will consider you as a serious candidate.
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    hello everyone!

    Thank you for all of your comments and advice.

    I live in Washington.

    I am taking the TEAS test tomorrow again at Bellevue College, thats the college that I am hoping to get in. The first time I took the test, I was so nervous that I had ran out of time for the first section. I ended up with a score of 74, I am really hoping that I get over a 90... I have horrible test anxiety so I hope I can calm that before I go in.

    I am currently looking at Wenatchee Valley as well. Like I've said, I have a very slim chance into getting into a nursing program, I think this has made me become hopeless at applying. But I will still keep looking to see if there are any other programs around this area.

    I know I am 22, however, Ive been going to college since I was 17.. Its been a VERY long time and I would like to finish something by now.

    Once again thank you for all of your comments, anything helps! if you have any tips for the TEAS let me know!!!
    Have a great weekend where ever you are

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