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HELLO! I am finally writing a thread on here and hope that I can take any advice that can be given! I dont really know what to write on here but I'll just put out the basic problem as of now. Im 22, live in Washington and... Read More

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    Good luck! I know in GA, the technical schools with ADN programs do not look at your overall GPA...they look at English 1, College Algebra, A&P 1&2 and Micro...they take your GPA from those 5 classes and your entrance exam score (not necessarily TEAS) and they accept the top 50-ish people. Definitely look around and see what schools require what and maybe apply where you have a stronger chance. If I don't get into nursing school this fall I am applying to the technical schools for next year because I will be finished with my sciences and hopefully have a better shot of getting in. Don't give up if this is what you want!!! And definitely buy the ATI study guide...I would study the whole thing and any topics you're not completely comfortable with, use additional resources...even if it is just Wikipedia! I'm sure you'll do great!

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    hello everyone I wanted to say YES the Mcgraw Hill book is SO MUCH more helpful than the actual ATI book itself. I had studied all night last night and had an hour of sleep...not a great idea. I took the test today and scored a 78... I had ran out of time for the math portion which made me SOO mad. I had so much extra time for everything else. I wish that the TEAS would allow me to use the extra time to go back and look at things or work on other portions... I think my chances at Bellevue College is over... I am meeting up with one the advisors there next week to talk however when I asked the receptionists at the entrance, they had told me generally the average scores were 92... stab to the chest..
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    Hi there, I am a resident of Bellevue, WA and I know how competitive and tough it is to get into nursing school out here. I had a 3.87-3.9 in pre-reqs and was told I was one of 300 and "good luck" by the Bellevue College nursing people. So here is what I did - yes it was rather crazy! - I went to an out of state university (Northern Michigan University), got in on the first try into their nursing school, got a great education as an BSN (so now I don't have to go back for that, I can move straight on to MSN or DNP), and moved back home upon graduation and by the grace of God got my dream job at Swedish Medical Center. Moral of the story: If you are willing to give it your all, think outside the box, and try somewhere else, you can become a nurse and even come back home! However, I have to warn you that nursing classes are tough and you should honestly evaluate why you have had such a tough time with the pre-reqs. If its due to changeble things (i.e. personal distractions) then a fresh start away from home might be just what you need to make your dream come true. Good luck and I hope you make - from one Bellevuite to another
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    Another tip, slightly closer to home, is one of those pay-for-entrance type schools such as Apollo College in Portland Oregon - basically they let you in, no questions asked, pre-reqs included in the program, for $20,000-$30,000 (people usually do loans to pay for it). However, I will caution you that such a program may not (I don't know personally) have the best NCLEX pass rates because its emphasis is on "selling" entrance into an nursing program (which in the WA area is like winning the lotto as you well know), so who knows how good the quality of education is. However, it is an option for someone who needs/wants to stay close to home.
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    Hello hearts895! I am going to be attending NMU in the fall and was wondering if you can give me any information about the school from a nursing students perspective? I cannot seem to find that much information on this school. I have started a more current thread for northern but nobody seems to be replying.

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