Time is ticking I want to get into a nursing school but low gpa and too many retakes - page 2

HELLO! I am finally writing a thread on here and hope that I can take any advice that can be given! I dont really know what to write on here but I'll just put out the basic problem as of now. ... Read More

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    Another tip, slightly closer to home, is one of those pay-for-entrance type schools such as Apollo College in Portland Oregon - basically they let you in, no questions asked, pre-reqs included in the program, for $20,000-$30,000 (people usually do loans to pay for it). However, I will caution you that such a program may not (I don't know personally) have the best NCLEX pass rates because its emphasis is on "selling" entrance into an nursing program (which in the WA area is like winning the lotto as you well know), so who knows how good the quality of education is. However, it is an option for someone who needs/wants to stay close to home.
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    Hello hearts895! I am going to be attending NMU in the fall and was wondering if you can give me any information about the school from a nursing students perspective? I cannot seem to find that much information on this school. I have started a more current thread for northern but nobody seems to be replying.

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