TEAS Study Help?

  1. Hello all.
    I am curious to know what the BEST way to study for the TEAS 4.0 is? I just signed up and am scheduled for the test in about 3 months.

    I looked at my local bookstores and found McGraw/Hill and Kaplan and cliffnotes etc etc...

    Wondering what the best book for the TEAS is? I want to do well and study ahead of time to gain familiarity with types of questions.

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  3. by   KJCC23
    You should go to the website ATItesting.com and order the practice tests. I purchased 2 practice tests for $35 each and found them very similar to the setup of the actual TEAS test I took. Other than that, I just purchased the TEAS study guide by mometrex media and checked out some GED books from my city library to help with the math!
  4. by   arsenalfan3
    thanks! I will order those tests after I study to see how well i do!
    have you heard of any books other than the ones at ATI?
  5. by   KJCC23
    There is one by McGraw-Hill but I don't know where to get it!!