1. 0 Can anyone suggest a good website, resource, book, etc. to help me prepare to take my TEAS?

    If you have taken the TEAS what can I expect?

    I'm starting to learn that it's a dog eat dog world when it comes to the Nursing program. I'm the "sit back, watch, and listen" kind as I analyze people and there's so much cattiness, lying, bad advice being given that I just can't bring myself to ask anyone I know in my classes. I need honest advice that will actually help me, not set me back and away from the competition!

    Thank you
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    Quizlet.com is a great resource. You can search for TEAS V flashcards made by other users and go through those when you study. I also used the work book that ATI created. It was great because I was prepared for the types of questions the TEAS ask. Expect for question on basic grammar, reading, spelling, and math and a board (very general) overview on different types of science, like chemistry, anatomy, physiology, biology, physics, etc.
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    Did you but the pratice exam through the wed site?

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