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  1. 0 Anyone who Lives in Las Vegas, NV. that is looking for a study partner for the NLN exam, pre-entrance exam for the RN program? Im very interested in succeeding on the 1st test i was only off by 10 points the last time i took it, and i'm ready to get this test studied thouroghly this time around to pass it. I'm looking to study at least 20-35 hrs a week to study i take this test very seriously. So only get back to this add if you're gonna be dedicated.Because the rule is if we don't the NLN exam. We have to wait 6 dreadful months to take it over again, and that can be quite discouraging. Reply A.S.A.P.
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    Lori#1 has '6 years exp.' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Trying to get into the RN Program'. From 'Las Vegas, NV, US'; 35 Years Old; Joined Jan '13; Posts: 2.

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