Study during summer? Or no? Study during summer? Or no? | allnurses

Study during summer? Or no?

  1. 0 Just curious, during your summer break, did you prepare for the upcoming school year and study for the sciences you were about to take at all in order to pass? Or left that for the school year?

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    I actually plan to review A&P this summer, because its been a year since I took the first one and I take A&P2 in the fall.
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    I did. The sciences you take (chem, A&P, micro) will come back to haunt you throughout the nursing program. This is not the type of material you and 'test and dump'. You need to remember and understand it.

    I did it just by reading over the first few chapters of the books for the class I was taking.
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    Yes, studying over the summer can only help your grade. About a month before school starts back I'm going to start studying for A&P because everybody says its a beast .. I have no idea what to expect.
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    If you really want to study I suggest A&P material. Just review, because you should already know it. Hopefully it will come back to you. Good luck
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    My program is 5 semesters and we don't get the summer off. We have a couple of weeks between spring and summer semester and then a few weeks between summer and fall.