Spring semester is half way done!!

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    I only have 1 more lecture exam, 2 more lab practical and 1 more lab quiz!!!

    We have 5 lecture exams and 3 lab practicals and 3 lab quizzes.

    Even though next week is spring break, I will take time off on the weekends and continue studying muscles for the lab practical.

    Let's keep up the good work fellow students!

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    I have my 2nd lecture test tomorrow night for microbiology. And I am not prepared at all -_- we missed a week and a half with out professor due to her being sick. Oh well.

    I got a B in my last test so I am still happy for that. After spring break one month of school then straight into either chemistry or anatomy! (summer course)
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    Thanks for this thread. #motivation!!! I'm on spring break now but that doesn't mean break from studying! There is a lot to know about these bones for anatomy! And micro ain't cuttin me no slack either. Lets keep it up tho the grind don't stop!

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