Samuel Merritt-Sac ELMSN Spring 2010 Interviews

  1. I was excited because I received a call asking for an interview at Samuel Merritt in Sac, but looking at the posts, it looks like they accept a lot of applicants for interviews (70-80 people for 22 spots?). And some programs have group interviews??? Does anyone have any advice for the interview process?
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  3. by   chowchua
    Hi Roxy,
    I'm interviewing this weekend as well. I've been looking and I too can't find anything about the process. Maybe someone will help us.
  4. by   chowchua

    There is another thread under Samuel Merritt ELMSN-FNP 2010 - Sacramento Applicants. This should help.
  5. by   jsaenzam
    I interviewed August 10th... they said we would hear back in three weeks right? Has anyone heard anything? I did not get a call or an e-mail or letter yet.