Question Regarding Mount Aloysius Associate Degree Nursing Program

  1. i have a question. i am an lpn that was accepted to mount aloysius for the rn program. i have my lpn license currently so have the option of going through the lpn to rn bridge program. my concern is; i have been out of school for a few years. one of the upsides to getting in the bridge program is the ability to automatically receive credits for adult nursing i without having to take the class. that sounds great however, i do not want to set myself behind clinically. i work in ltc right now so i haven't used alot of the skills i learned in lpn school. what i am wondering is how indepth is the adult i nursing program and the clinical with it. i am curious to know what skills are covered so i know whether i would miss skills i need to brush up on if i were to go the lpn to rn bridge or if i should just go through the longer adn program. any advice that you could give me would be greatly appreciated. i am really afraid that i will make the wrong decision. thanks.
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