Program Driving Me Insane

  1. Hi everyone! I just joined this website in hopes to feel a little less alone. I'm currently at a 4 year state college going for my BSN. I'm taking all the pre-reqs for the program this semester and next semester, I'll be applying to the actual program Feb. of next year. The program is extremely competitive. They only accept 15 students out of the entire college and the minimum GPA they are looking for is 3.5. I currently have a 3.6 but I feel like I'm going crazy. I'm constantly worried I won't get in. I've put so much into this that I'll feel like I'm losing a part of me. I was trying to figure out back-up plans, possibly just getting my LPN? I want to go into nursing for pediatric medicine and I'm not sure if an LPN would qualify me for a job such as that. In order to apply to the community college RN program I'd have to take two classes over the summer (that are reserved for nursing majors at my college) and I'm already taking one for my current college, on top of a two year old that just isn't the ideal situation. If anyone has any feedback I'd LOVE to hear it. Thank-you all!
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