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  1. I just wanted to say hi to all of the PreNursing students out there!!! I am so excited to get started working towards my BSN. I will be using very often. Achievements to us all!
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  3. by   MrsStudentNurse
    Hi! I agree, I'm super excited too! Welcome to allnurses!
  4. by   BeesMama
    Yay! Welcome! I have found this forum to be extremely helpful, humbling and supportive!
  5. by   Jennylynn25
    Hello! I'm very excited as well. I just became a member of this site. I'm just starting on my A&P series. I feel like nursing school is a long way off. I'm glad I found this site to turn to for inspiration and advice. Good luck everyone
  6. by   nhleiks
    hi ya'll

    i'm starting my prereqs soon at Polk state,i'm very excited and nervous.GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE