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    I took a sociology course freshman year and got a C+. Will that affect my admittance into nursing school even if it was four years ago and not a science? thanks!!

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    It should not affect your acceptance. Schools look at your science and math classes more so than those.
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    It could in that it has an effect on your overall gpa. But generally sociology isn't as important as a major science class. It will depend on the school you are applying to.
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    I should add this: don't worry too much about it. Focus on getting good grades and a high ACT score (or what ever test your school requires). A C alone isn't going to keep you out of nursing school.
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    My school looks only at your GPA in classes on the Nursing programs degree plan (pre reqs and co reqs that you can take early) Sociology is not required at my school. GOOD LUCK!

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