Pre-nursing student considering AFROTC or ROTC

  1. Hey,

    This is my first post. I'm a pre-nursing student (still getting some electives out of the way) and was trying to figure out which career path would be best for me. Because it is so difficult for new grads to find hospital jobs anywhere, I have been considering military nursing. I would really love to enter Air Force, but heard it is hard to get into plus takes longer. Therefore, I am considering AFROTC and going into the Air Force with a BSN. Here's my dilemna:

    1. I would eventually like to become a CRNA, but heard it is a political game trying to do it through the AF and highly competitive. I don't mind serving the time, but would like to know that I would at least not have to commit 10 year run arounds before getting into the program. If anyone has any better suggestions or advice please reply.

    I am also considering the ROTC, but I really would prefer the AF. I also have a bachelor's degree in Psychology already and am looking at the University of MD Nursing program.
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