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Pre-Nursing No More!

  1. 1 I got my acceptance letter. I start my program January 27th!
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    Congrats!! I start jan 6th!!
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    Congrats! Brace yourself! LOL
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    Get ready for a ride! Pre-reqs are nothing like nursing school. Congrats!!!
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    Quote from SopranoKris
    Get ready for a ride! Pre-reqs are nothing like nursing school. Congrats!!!
    You got that right....
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    Congrats. Hopefully I can soon celebrate like you are now they tell me on Nov 25th !!! Woo hoo!

    Keep us updated on how everything goes for you

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    Oh congrats lady!!!!!!! Good on you!!!! Like many have said...brace yourself :3
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    Awesome!! Congrats! I start January 6th!
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    Congratulations! Now the real work just begins. Keep a positive attitude. Write down your goals, and write down the reasons why you chose this career. When things get tough, and they will, then reading your goals and reasons will help you to get that spark again.

    One counselor suggested visualizing yourself on graduation day, and also visualize yourself as a nurse. See yourself two or three years from today, making an impact and helping your patients become well.