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Pre-Nursing no more!!

  1. 4 All pre-requisites DONE! Clinicals begin in ONE WEEK!!! Here we go!
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    congratulations!!!!! Good luck on finishing!
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    Yayyy!! Congrats!!!
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    Quote from rnstudentcharleston
    All pre-requisites DONE! Clinicals begin in ONE WEEK!!! Here we go!
    Congrats. Same here!! Start clinical in January
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    Woo hooooo! Me, too! I start NUR 101 next week!
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    That's what up! Please give us an update after you first semester in clinicals are done and tell us your experience. Good luck
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    Yipppiee!! Whoop whoop!!!! CONGRATS

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    wtg you're almost there
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    Congratulations!!! Good luck
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    What awesome news!! Congrats to you!!!!

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