Pre-health at George Brown advice

  1. Hi everyone, just need some helpful advice. I will be applying for the Pre-Health program at George Brown College for Jan start. Any advice on how the program is structured? I am a university grad but I haven't touched since since 1997, and back then my Bio and Chemistry marks were not good.

    Also, Is there a way for me to get into the Practical Nursing program for September? Should I still apply for this program for September even though i haven't completed my pre-health.

    I talked to the admissions lady and she said the GB pre-health program semester 2 continues through the summer, does this mean that I can use my first semester marks for admission?

    I know you have to write some sort of admission test to get into PN, does anyone know of the cutoff date to write this? I'm interested in the Durham College PN program.

    Please help, I really appreciate it,
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