Phoenix Chamberlain-First Clinical?

  1. 0 Hello everyone!

    I just joined today and am very excited to be able to interact with everyone!

    I am in my fourth block at Chamberlain and taking Patho, Assessment and Fundamentals. I so far like the courses and feel that my instructors have a lot of passion for their fields.

    I am going to be starting my first clinical next session (in 3 weeks) and just wanted to know if anyone had any tips or guidance for me. I am a little nervous and frankly scared that I will get out there and not know anything that I have learned. I am going to beheading to a rehab, so will that change my clinical experience? What should I expect? I have heard that careplans can be brutal, should I just breathe or is it really going to be that bad?

    Anyone farther in the program, is there anything that I can practice now that will help me later?

    Thanks in advance for an help or guidance you have!

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    How are you liking Chamberlain? I am applying for the upcoming class but am trying to get some insight on how the program and clinically are....

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