Phi theta kappa?

  1. 0 I have received an invitation to join my cc chapter of ptk, is it worth it? What exactly are the benefits?
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    Don't do it. As a nursing student you think it will look good on a resume, but unless you hold a position (and in reality do you have to time run for a position with NCLEX and job searching/interviews?) it really doesn't do much for you.

    I paid 90 for a local chapter my final year of nursing school. Wish I hadn't spent that money.
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    I decided not to. It was an extra $75 for something that I just didn't need. I already have a scholarship, so I didn't need that aspect. It has no scholarships available for my bridge to BSN when I get done with my ADN. I have absolutely no time for anything extra right now.
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    I joined it for a resume builder since I really didnt do much extracurriculars in college
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    I joined it. My fee was around $50. It's something to put on my resume & some of the state schools I applied to (I was took pre reqs at cc & transferring to a 4 year school for a BSN) gave me specific scholarships for being a member (up to 5k, which I appreciate).
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    I was in it. Potential scholarships later and it looked good on my resume. Took a few days for volunteering requirements but nothing too extreme.

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    I joined Phi Theta Kappa because it looks good on your resume, and not only that, but I get an extra 1000$ per year as a PTK scholarship. It might not sound like much, but every bit helps!

    Totally up to you, but the 75$ I spent inititally has paid off

    Good luck to you!

    Quote from DaisyRenee
    I have received an invitation to join my cc chapter of ptk, is it worth it? What exactly are the benefits?
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    Thank you everyone for the replies!
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    I'm in it, resume builder and sometimes u can go on cool trips. Scholarships are possible too
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    I joined my cc chapter for a resume builder and an nursing application builder as well. I also received an extra 3k to the BSN program I applied for and the admission counselor said to take advantage of anything that will make me stand out. Congratulations and good luck!
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