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    Invitation to Phi Theta Kappa is offered to students proving academic success. People say its worth joining. But what I want to know is if it's beneficial to join as a student with a nursing major??? Have any of you joined and it helped open any doors for you as far as scholarships and nursing school??

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    I joined last semester. Sadly, it will not help me with scholarships since I will be going to a private college. But, many of the local public universities have PTK scholarships. I also think it will look good on my resume. Congrats!
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    I joined, it looks good on nursing school applications, and of your continuing your education.
    There are lots of scholar ships
    It also looks good in a resume.
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    Hi! I was just curious about the most recent placement run for Maricopa Community College wait list. Who got placed this last run and what was your time stamp? I hope to get placed soon!
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    It never helped me after junior college. Of course in 2003 I went into forestry and wildlife. No scholarships. Then into park and natural resource management for masters. Didn't help there. Maybe at junior college level it helps? That's where I earned it though.
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    If you are planning to finish your BSN, PTK is very helpful for obtaining transfer scholarships. You can also use it as a plus when listing accomplishments when you're filling out scholarship applications. It also looks very good on a resume. Some chapters have their own scholarship program (depends on the school and level of your chapter). For example, when I went to college in FL, if you were a PTK member, you got a 50% discount on tuition. However, the school I go to now only gives $500 towards books for being a PTK member. So, you'll have to check with your chapter's advisor or one of the officers for details on their program.

    Just bear in mind that PTK is a service-oriented organization, so you get out of it what you put in to it. Many of the chapters have a minimum required amount of service or volunteer hours to qualify for their in-house scholarship programs.
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    I am in PTK at my cc & applying to BSN programs now. The schools I am applying to are all in my state, so they all offer scholarships ranging from $1000-$5000/year for members. It is also a positive thing to have o my resume so I'm happy I joined.

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