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Are you considering going to nursing school? Are you already taking pre-reqs? Pre-Nursing Student is available for you to network with others and discuss issues such as nursing as a career choice for you, the nursing school application/admission process, pre-requisite classes, tips for studying, and other challenges faced by those preparing for nursing school. When posting about a specific nursing program, please post in the appropriate state forum where the program is located.

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    Moved by Pinkviet Feb 11
  2. thinking of switching later on
    by kdmf12 Feb 13
  3. Waiting list for Nursing Program
    by AngelaMarie2013 Feb 14
  4. Concordia University Irvine - CUI - SUMMER 2014
    Moved by REM2012 Feb 12
  5. Devastated
    by chernandez3841 Feb 13
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    by missdanielle92 Feb 14
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    by basmahyf Feb 14
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    Moved by JanetMarie Feb 13
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    Moved by Lnduke81 Feb 14
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    by Jessie van Wijk Feb 9
    Jessie van Wijk
  11. Marquette MSN Direct-Entry
    Moved by CNMhopeful Jan 31
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    Moved by excited1 Feb 13
  13. Blood Typing
    Moved by kmmcname93 Feb 10
  14. Wake Tech Point system
    Moved by awiltolive Feb 13
  15. Simmons College Dix Scholar Fall14
    Moved by jhopeful1017 Feb 11
  16. UIC's GEP Fall 2014
    Moved by sarsot Feb 6
  17. Community health nursing? What is that?
    by MssNurse2b Feb 13
  18. MTSU Fall 2014 applicants
    Moved by daniellelaughs Feb 12
  19. Bone Songs??
    by 7237dallas Feb 13
  20. Massasoit nursing program 2014
    Moved by Masstudent2014 Feb 5
  21. CSUN Men nursing 20 years old CA
    Moved by randyramirez Feb 13
  22. How hard is it to find employment with an ADN?
    by typicallyme Feb 12
  23. Pre-Nursing, interview for presentation
    by laurenlovatto Feb 12
  24. so anxious to receive CSON accept letter for fall 2014
    Moved by BrandiC Feb 12
  25. Darton State College in Ga
    Moved by jeannettawyche Feb 12
  26. Immaculata University Nursing Fall 2014
    Moved by SusanSN Feb 12
  27. Gwynedd Mercy Nursing Fall 2014
    Moved by SusanSN Feb 12
  28. How is GTC's Program for You???
    Moved by NeoNatMom Feb 12
  29. how do I get accepted???
    by dmrd1985 Feb 12
  30. OCC Acceptance Letter 2014
    Moved by anpolidan Feb 12
  31. Hunter College GPA and NLN Scores Fall 2014
    Moved by mondalroman Feb 5
  32. Can I still apply with a very low GPA?
    by kbL05 Jan 28
  33. Struggling w/ work and classes
    by lsboecken Feb 12
  34. Bellarmine Accelerated BSN?
    Moved by goodguy123 Feb 27, '10
  35. Submission of Transcripts
    by MJFC Feb 12
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