Oh what shall I do? Accelerated at NAU or 2 year at UW

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    Hi All,

    I'm a post-bac student changing career fields. I've been working in an acute care hospital and have gained valuable patient care experience for almost 2 years. I recently got accepted to University of Washington's 2 year BSN program and Northern Arizona's 12 month ABSN program. I'm having a tough time making a decision on where I should go. Both cities are excellent! If you have had experience with either of these programs maybe you could help me!?

    -Will I retain more info at a traditional program?
    -Job prospects?
    -What makes UW #1 nursing program besides what US News has to say?
    -Will my clinical sites make a big difference?

    Any info would be great!

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    Since you have healthcare experience I would go with the accelerated program. Just be ready for a quick ride.
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    I'm doing an accelerated program hopefully this fall! It seems like the best option because you go to school year round instead of breaking for summer like universities do.