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nursing school acceptance for spring 2014

  1. 0 Well I applied for my college's BSN program for spring of 2014. I wont hear back till current semester ends in December. So if your in my shoes and waiting to hear back, lets post some GPAs and our acceptences/declines when we get them!

    GPA: 3.68

    Pre-req (micro, ap1&2, inorganic/ochem) GPA: 4.0

    My school adds the pre-req. and cum. Gpas together so right now i have a 7.68 out of 8. If i manage a 4.0 this semester ill have a 3.75~ GPA boosting me to 7.75. *crosses fingers*
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    Good Luck!!
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    3.4 GPA
    No TEAS scores until Nov 22 (the school I attend only tests for TEAS after acceptance
    Applied 9/24
    Accepted 10/28
    Orientation: 11/8
    School starts 1//13/14
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    GOOD LUCK!!!
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    Good luck GPA looks great by the way