Nursing/Pre-Nursing Advice UC Irvine & Volunteering

  1. I am from the Bay Area but in a month or so I will be going to UC Irvine. I am currently a public health major, but I would like to change majors to Nursing Science. Is the program tough to get into? If you have any information on the UC Irvine Nursing Science program that would be great.

    Also, I was wondering about internship/externships/shadowing/volunteer work. I would like to volunteer at a hospital close to UC Irvine, but I would like to have contact with patients. (Also if you know of volunteer programs in the Bay Area or Northern California please let me know.) Some hospitals have a program specifically for pre-nursing majors and undergraduate students. Any suggestions?

    Also, if anyone who graduated from UC Irvine with a degree in Nursing Science could reply and give me your experience on the program and if it was hard that would be great.

    All other suggestions to get ahead and into the nursing program would be appreciated.

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